13 Questions with Hollie Snider

This week’s featured author is Hollie Snider, long time listener but first time (Horror Addicts author). You may recognize the last name from earlier on in the season. Hollie is married to HA author Henry Snider and is one of the founders of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group as well.

For Horror Addicts episode 41: Headless Horseman, Hollie has written a story titled “More Than Kin.” When I asked if we could have a little sneak-peek into the story she had this to say. “I could, but I’d hate to spoil it. Suffice it to say that the Headless Horseman isn’t.”

Hollie can sum up her excitement for being on the show “[i]n two words, Woo Hoo! Seriously, this is a great opportunity to share my stories with fans. I just hope that the Horror Addicts enjoy listening to this story as much as I did writing it.”

I wondered what had gotten Snider into the horror genre. “I blame my husband. But then, it’s only fair as I have introduced him to fantasy. I’ve always liked horror, but what scares me is not what scares most. I find cloning scary. Movies and stories that have to do with cloning are horror to me. There’s not much scarier than meeting yourself face to face and neither of you know which is the real “me.” As for the genre as it is defined, I’ve always preferred the supernatural horror as opposed to the serial killers.”

Though she is a long time listener to podcasts Hollie doesn’t have her own…yet. “I have been wanting to start one for all the fantasy and sci-fi writers. Horror is experiencing a tremendous resurgence in popularity. I would like to do for fantasy and sci-fi what Emz is helping to do for horror.”

She has her own website but currently it is under construction. “[She is] hoping to add more content in the near future. [Hollie wants] to have some links there for other authors as well as bits of my own stories.”

Along with the podcast Snider is also “hoping to start a blog soon, but have no idea what to blog about. The very idea that complete strangers want to read about me and my life when I merely famous in my own mind is odd.”

Like her husband, Hollie loves photography. “[But] I much prefer creating with words, though I have tried my hand at painting. That was an interesting experiment. I definitely proved to myself that the image I see in my head is better represent with words than a paintbrush.”

Hollie has several stories as well as a published novel titled “For the Rank of Master.” “Which, is a dark fantasy tale. On the surface, it appears to be the traditional save-the-world quest novel, but as the reader gets into it, the story changes. It has elements of sword and sorcery fantasy, but magick (yes, with a K) has its limits. It has rules, and those rules cannot be broken. Toward the end, horror fans will see some influence from HP Lovecraft as well.”

I read that Snider has a “background in mythology and historical lore” and asked if she could explain a little about it. “I have always been fascinated with history. I love cultural anthropology and mythology as well. I took quite a few classes in college and just chose to continue learning through books and on the Internet – cheaper than college, that’s for sure. I love working in obscure bits of history into my works, or taking history and twisting it around to see it from another perspective. Not so much alternate history as simply a different point of view. Twiddling with events is how “More Than Kin” came to be. Not to mention, using obscure history or mythology is a great way to “hide” your creative sources.”

Hollie also has 15 plus years in editing experience, and “though most of her editing work has been freelance. She has helped several authors get ready for publication.”

“As a matter of fact, an author I have been working with for several months just got a partial request for his novel from an agent. My favorite houses to work with have all been small presses though. I really enjoyed working as an acquisitions editor for Gardenia Press. If Elizabeth Collins hadn’t passed away, I’d still be there. Unfortunately, due to her death, the house closed.”

As a founding member of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group, Snider had some advice for all the writers out there. “Don’t spend your time trying to fix grammar and mechanics. Worry about creating a cohesive, compelling story. Punctuation, grammar, etc – that will all come with practice and help. But creating an intriguing tale is a talent that cannot be taught. Find a good writer’s group or creative writing class too. Friends and family are great ego boosts, and all writers need them, but friends and family are going to hesitate in telling you anything negative about your story, or in making suggestions. These people are more worried about sparing your feelings than in helping you grow as a writer.”

Be on the lookout for more works from Hollie. “[She has] several more short stories in the works and a few novels started as well. There are a few more samples of [her] writing on the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group website. The works on the member pages.”

And she had these last words for readers, “I look forward to hearing from anyone who reads or listens to my work, even if the reader or listener doesn’t like it.”

If you would like to contact or learn more about Hollie be sure to check out these websites:

Her website – www.holliesnider.com

The Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group website – www.csfwg.org

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