13 Questions with Linda Ciletti

This week’s Horror Addicts featured author is Linda Ciletti. For HA episode 43: Werewolf, she has written a story titled The Hunger.

Linda told me that “I originally wrote it for a writing class I took at a local college “Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror”. It really opened my eyes at the genre range I could write, and it was good practice…Basically it’s one kill scene told from the introspection of the werewolf who is hunting for a meal. There’s no dialog…just his thoughts and actions.”

This is Ciletti’s first time on Horror Addicts, “horror isn’t typically a genre [Linda writes]. But it’s good to write a little in every genre because even though [she doesn’t] write horror novels, the ones [she does] write could have horrific parts in them.”

“The Hunger is my first Podcast. My ‘getting my feet wet’. I hope to podcast my other short stories as well.”

When asked to compare writing horror to what she usually does. Linda replied, “I normally write romantic adventure…medieval, fantasy, time travel and some contemporary. [But] it was fun to write this werewolf piece in his introspection. However, even these stories have horrific scenes or characters. It was only different in that the entire story centered on one horror character.”

As a day job, Linda is a Educational Programs Coordinator. “[She] set up programs for small business people to attend. A reservationist (sic) of sorts…arrange a speaker, a room, food, materials, etc. I also do the marketing for the programs, marketing materials, and other various duties. I like it..most days.”

On Linda’s website she mentions that she used to play guitar when she was younger. She also mentioned her hopes to start up again. I wondered what had started the hobby? What ended it? “It was the thing to do at that time. Everyone was playing guitar. I was 13. I have a creative side that must be satisfied, so that was one of the many ways I’ve done that. I really enjoyed it and still pick it up on occasion and play a bit. Last year I wrote a poem/song and performed it at a conference I went to, so I wouldn’t say it ended. I just don’t give it top priority.”

Another hobby of Ciletti’s is to craft porcelain dolls. “..I started doll collecting…the whole HSN (home shopping network) thing. Then thought, I should make my own dolls. I had done ceramics years earlier, so porcelain doll crafting wasn’t too far from that. Finally I found a shop that taught porcelain doll crafting and I started a very expensive habit. But I really enjoyed it.”

I was curious what process one has to go through to make a doll. “I didn’t pour my own porcelain…so I bought clay molds already poured and shaped, cleaned them smooth, cut out holes for eyes…then they were fired. Then you paint, and paint, and paint, then they are fired again. After the porcelain is done, you put in glass eyes, chose a wig, and buy or make clothes. Before the shop closed, I got into making dolls that represented my book characters. I love them. Unfortunately, the shop closed and my dolls days came to an end. So the book dolls I have now are all I’ll have.”

Linda had a very interesting experience to get her into writing. “I found a book lying on the road in the rain, picked it up, took it home, and began to read it…wet. Then I dried it out and finished reading it…and thought, I can do that and better. I was always a reader. After that I began reading voraciously. Loved the happily ever after endings of romance. That’s what starting me writing. It’s been a long growing and learning experience.”

Linda has been on Second Life (3D virtual world where users can socialize and connect) since April of 2009. On her website she wrote Second Life! Not just a game. Linda told me, “I say “not just a game” because as Fayre, I’m not roleplaying a character. Fayre represents me as a writer. I’m making writer contacts, making writer friends, and gaining opportunities I wouldn’t have gained had I not been in second life. Such as meeting an editor who said to send her a submission…and meeting the Podcasters and podcasting. SL can definitely work side by side with RL. Who knows what can happen.”

Draegon’s Lair and KnightStalker are the novels currently published by Ciletti. “What inspires any of [her] books are the characters that enter [her] head. It escalates from there. [She’s] sure other books [she’s] read are some inspirational influence. But mostly, the character shows up and [Linda] just start[s] writing.”

“Draegon’s Lair is about a woman who, betrothed for political reasons to the very cruel and sadistic lord, Bastion of Worthingshire, flees to escape abuse. She knows the price she’ll pay (a public flogging and possibly death) if she’s caught and brought back…she’d attempted running before. But this time she’s running not only for her own life but for that of her unborn child. After missing two menses, she knows she’s pregnant and she does not want her child raised in Bastion’s household.

It’s also about Draegon, a reclusive lord who keeps his face hidden from all but his second and steward, Diminimis. Draegon had suffered abuse in his early years and understands the fear it instills in a person. His earliest years are lost memories to him but for one; and because of this one memory, he knows the blood of a murderer runs in his veins and that he must hide his face so that others cannot see this innate evil in his eyes. He fears this evil and considers himself unworthy because of it. He is content in his world of shadows until he rescues a wounded Alys from a band of pursuers. Soon he realizes the truth of living in hell. Suddenly he yearns for a love he is unworthy of. But how can he convince Alys of his unworthiness? This spirited and persistent woman who believes him to be more than what he is.

It’s also about Bastion of Worthingshire. He wants Alys back at any cost and will kill anyone who gets in his way.”

“KnightStalker is about a struggling young mother, Rachael, raising her five-year-old son alone. She had never married, but had lived with her boyfriend for several years. Until he walked out on her and their toddler son. Because of this, she has trust issues and is afraid to let any man into her and Timmy’s lives.

It’s also about Michel of Banesford, a late 12th Century knight who vows to stop a serial killer even if he must follow him through time itself. Little does he know, that’s just what he would do. Michel follows this killer into present day. He knows he can never return to his own time, but after meeting Rachael and Timmy, he knows he has found his home in this new world. But his vow to stop the killer knight must be fulfilled. The story is about Michel’s adjustment to a future time and Rachael learning to trust. It’s also about love and family and commitment, whatever the cost. And keeping one’s vows and promises.”

Currently, Linda has two novels in the making. “One, Dream of the Archer, is being submitted. It takes place during the days of Robin Hood and the Archer is one of his men. She is also revising a Faerie Fantasy about a faerie prince who is determined to save a human child the faeries are going to tithe to hell. [Linda hopes] it will be ready for submission soon. [And she’s] now working on its sequel.”

For more information on Linda Ciletti visit these websites:



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