#42 Skinwalkers Movie Review

A boy is about to go from a young boy to a young man as he approaches that lucky first teen year of thirteen.  Well, in actuality there is a reason that the number thirteen is seen as an unlucky number and this young boy, Timothy, is about to find out why as that magical day approaches. 

The film Skinwalkers introduces us to a Native American myth were people have the ability to take the form of an animal.  The Native Americans saw this gift as a great prize, but as any gift, it holds a dark side.  Those who choose to eat the flesh and thirst for blood crave power.  There are others who just suffer with the curse and they want the curse end. 

Skinwalkers follows the urgency of a band of werewolves lead by the evil Varek who are trying to find and kill Timothy.  They are thwarted on this campaign by Timothy’s Uncle Jonas and a loyal band of friends and family.   The problem is that neither Timothy or his mother, Rachel, have any idea what is going on and why the evil werewolves want Timothy.

So, what makes Timothy so special? Well, it is the fact that Timothy is a half breed as his father was a Skinwalker and his mother was a normal woman.  This is the reason that Uncle Jonas and friends will give their life to protect Timothy and his mother.  The problem is that they have kept Timothy’s secret from his mother as well.

As his thirteenth birthday approaches, the moon begins to turn red as the prophecy of old is becomes true.  Timothy is stricken with sickness due to this change approaching and those around him have to be more and more careful about ensuring they are well tied down at night. Varek and his band however, are on a murderous rampage trying to find the boy and upon learning his location, do not hesitate to ride into town.

There are some moments of humor and loss through this film and there is a great shoot out scene that takes place in a small town.  Afterall, who cannot help but love it when an elderly woman picks a gun out of her purse and starts tossing lead around. You just have to laugh at scenes such as this and hopefully you will. 

The look of the werewolves was assisted by the makeup of Stan Winston Studios which many horror fans should know.  Winston’s creature affects have been seen horror films such as, Lake Placid, Wrong Turn, Aliens, and many other films.  Thus, the werewolves in the film are primarily real makeup affects and less dependent on CGI.  This helps add some realism to the film that will draw the viewer in.  The larger use of CGI was in the background looks of the film especially in the red moon that becomes very prevalent as Timothy gets closer to his birthday.

The actors aren’t well-known to many, but there are some great performances.  Many will recognize Rhona Mitra (Rachel) who was in the last Underwold movie and Doomsday.  Elias Koteas (Uncle Jonas) has been in many horror films as well.

There is another way to look at the films central plot.  It may not just be a tale of people searching for a boy, but a tale of brother versus brother.  This type of plot has been seen in literature and film for decades and to find out who the brothers are, you will need to watch the film.

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