Dead Man’s Carnival

I’ve been entering events for a few months on the horror addicts event calendar. Most of the events that I add have to do with masquerade balls, steampunk events, and Burlesque shows. After entering all these events to the calandar, I always think to myself these events look fun, but I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and we don’t get to see stuff like this here.

Then one day I was in a local grocery store and saw a poster saying Dead Man’s Carnival presents Steampunk Victorian Ball coming to  Milwaukee’s Hyde bar on August 26th. This costume ball coming to my own backyard is like all the events I add on the horror addicts calandar rolled into one.

I contacted the organizer of the event, Gypsy Geoff Marsh and asked him what people can expect to see at the Steampunk Victorian Ball.

Geoff  will be performing along with a variety of entertainers including the Absinthe Minded Professors Steampunk storytelling to hammer dulcimer and electric fiddle and  Eric Bang!!! Electric medicine man and sideshow bally professional. There will also be music from Water Street Bridge and a few metal sculptures including a 13 foot time machine that shoots electricity out.

Headlining the show is Dead Man’s Carnival which is kind of an underground circus and burlesque show featuring sideshow stunts, fire performers and juggling.

I also Asked Geoff  how he got started promoting shows and performing he said he has been producing vaudville shows in Milwaukee for 4 years but he believes that this is the first steam punk show in Milwaukee. He will have another show with Dead Man’s Carnival at the Miramar theatre on October 2nd.

Geoff’s influences include Nicoli Tesla, W.C. Fields, Charlie Chaplin, and Moonie the Magnificent. If your interested in the show or want to find out more about the performers you can go find more info below and don‘t forget to check the horror addicts fourms for info on other shows like this one:

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