Dark Scribe Magazine

I was online yesterday just wasting time and discovered a very cool online horror literature  magazine. The best part about it is that it is free. The name of the magazine is Dark Scribe Magazine, it started in 2007 and includes book reviews, author interviews, book trailers, roundtable discussions and editorials.

Its not a traditional magazine where you get an issue once a month or anything like that. It’s actually a little like this blog, when you subscribe to the magazine, you get an email update when they update a part of the magazine. Mostly what you get in this magazine is book reviews  but I did find a roundtable discussion with various authors on modern vampires which was good in a section called Dark Fiction roundtable (sadly no mention of Night’s Knights).

This magazine also has some good interviews with up and coming horror authors like Lisa Morton and  G.D. Gagliani. Dark Scribe is about promoting horror in literature, which is always a good thing, I already found a few titles  in the review section that look worth buying to me. This magazine is not as good as some horror magazines you would find at your local Borders and some of it has not been updated in awhile but it is definitely worth a look. Of course I think anything that promotes horror fiction is worth a look. The website is below:


2 thoughts on “Dark Scribe Magazine

  1. Thanks for letting us know about this, David! I’ll take a look at it. I’m always for knowing about what’s currently in the world of horror lit. Thanks again!


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