Seven Deadly Sin Books

When I saw the topic for this show was The Seven Deadly Sins, I debated weather I should find a book that represents each sin or books that deal with all the sins at once. I thought seven books might be a little much so I tried to find books that included all the sins.

The first book I found was The Seven Deadly Sins by George L. Raine. The story is about a scientist by the name of  Dr. Reimann claims through higher mathematics we can know the mind of god. Of course after this revelation the doctor is found dead and his apartment was ransacked. A friend by the name of Brad Newton starts to investigate the murder and finds seven suspects and each suspect represents one of the deadly sins. This book may fit more into the mystery realm  but as you get more into the book and find out who Dr. Reimann really is it also plays as a horror story.

Another book is Lust: Part 1 of the Rising Deadly Sins by Brian Thompson. The story is about a woman named Jasmine Riley. While in the South America jungle with her estranged husband she uncovers a secret that the catholic church wanted to stay buried. With church secrets being uncovered the first of the seven deadly sins, lust has been unleashed on the world in the form of a demon vampire. Jasmine then finds herself caught in the middle of a battle between holy priests and blood thirsty vampires. Once the last of the seven deadly sins is unleashed it is said that the apocalypse will begin and Lucifer will return to earth. This is the first book in the Rising Deadly Sins series which will includes one book for each sin. Book 2 will be out soon.

The next book I found was Deadly Sins by Ericka Kahler. Malcom has made a deal with the devil, the first casualty of the deal is that Malcom’s brother Ely is now satan’s prisoner. Malcom cant save his brother but he can still try to save himself and find out why the devil wanted to steal his soul.

Fallen by Erin McCarthy is part two in her Seven Deadly Sins series, this is another book in a series that has a book for each deadly sin. This book takes place in New Orleans in the 1840s and follows the angel Gabriel as he tries to discover who killed his mistress Anne. All the evidence points towards him and he’s not so sure he didn’t do it. If he cant prove his innocence his penance will  to be forever denied love.

The last book I found was One Deadly Sin by Annie Solomon. Edie wants revenge, she has a list of names and leaves a chilling sign for the people on the list that they have her father’s blood on their hands. The people on her list start dying but is Edie really the killer?

Know of any others let us know on the forums.

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