David’s Library: Holiday Horror

While looking for holiday horror  for this post I wanted to make sure I stayed away from Halloween books. Halloween is my favorite holiday but if I included Halloween books, I would have a blog post about a mile long. I did find some good Christmas books and some Thanksgiving books also.


The first novel I found was Christmas Coffin by Michelle Lundy. Its Christmas eve and the Noel family has just received a knock on their door. When they open the door they see a coffin with a red ribbon tied around it and a sign that says Merry Christmas. Inside is a man named Michael bound in chains with a santa mask on. The man has no memory but has a desire for blood, he doesn’t want to hurt the family that freed him but how long can he fight the urge?

Another book I found was The First Day of Christmas: Deadly Tattoo by Pamela Chillemi Jaeger. Three years ago Faith McKay was found dead due to a drug overdose, she also had a strange a tattoo on her chest. The death was ruled accidental but the detective that worked the case believes Faith was killed by a cult, now that cult is stalking Faith’s mother. The detective is now forced to find a group of killers who are bent on striking again.

The third book I was found was A Christmas Wish: A zombie tale for the holidays by Rebecca Brock. In this story, a child’s mother is tragically killed in a car accident on Christmas eve. The kid makes a special wish to Santa Claus to bring her back but gets more then he asked for. I don’t know much more on this title, its newer and I couldn’t find any reviews for it  but zombies at Christmas seemed entertaining to me.


Both of these next titles are for Thanksgiving. I didn’t want to talk about them too much because both books are geared more for kids between the ages of 8 and 12, but I loved these titles so I wanted to mention them. The first one is  Frankenturkey by Betsy Haynes, this book tells the tale of a turkey brought back from the dead by lightning. Now he wants revenge on the family that killed him.

The second book is Fangs-giving by Dian Curtis Regan, this one is about a strange handyman that torments a family on Thanksgiving.

Do you have any holiday favorites? Please comment below.

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