Guest Post: New Look for Grave Concerns Ezine

From Julie Johnson, Editor at Grave Concerns.

For the last three months we have been working on some changes to our site and our database system. This holiday season we are giving you an all new look of Grave Concerns E-zine. Check out the new look to our site: Anyways, we are just getting started and look for even more added features in 2011.

We would love continue to work with you in 2011 and we are working on many reviews at this time. With that said, we are always looking for new writers for our e-zine to help us out with the many review and interview requests we get. If you are interested in writing a review and sharing thoughts about the music you love please contact us. This is an all volunteer e-zine at this time so we would be unable to pay you for your reviews but there are other perks.

We are also looking for new 2011 Contest/Giveaways where we can promote your music to our fans and readers both on-line and at local events, dance nights in Albany, NY during Alien Nation etc. Contact to us to work out details etc.

Please keep Grave Concerns E-zine in mind for Sponsorships etc. We are currently a sponsor the Out World Entertainment for the new movie Dark Passages.

Check it out

If you have a free CD, EP download that you want to promote where fans can download your music, please send us the download file, links and we will link it on our site for people to download.

If you have news about your band, label, new CD releases etc, please send us your news via our website. If you know about news and would like it on Grave Concerns please send it to us.

I hope you enjoy the new look and feel of Grave Concerns E-zine ( http://www.graveconcernsezine)

Happy Holidays from all of us at Grave Concerns E-zine

Join us:

~Julie Johnson

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