On Saturday, January 1, Flint author Chris Ringler released his latest book Red Dreams, a collection  of dark stories that lay on the borderlands of horror and fantasy. This marks Chris Ringler’s fourth book and will further solidify him as an exciting voice and remarkable talent.

Chris Ringler has taken full advantage of the self publishing medium to bring his art and stories to people in new and unique ways and Red Dreams will be no different. This follows the release of 2009’s This Beautiful Darkness, another dark collection, and 2010’s The Meep Sheep, a fairy tale collection set in a world of magic and fantasy. Over the course of his twenty year writing career, Ringler has read his fiction as close as Flint, and as far away as Detroit and has received honorable mentions in consecutive years of The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. Chris has also been published in Bare Bone twice as well as in Cthulhu Sex Magazine. 

From the back of Red Dreams –

In the darkness we are all alone and it is here where we are the most vulnerable and it is here where our worst nightmares can turn to Red Dreams.
From a dying young girl’s friendship with strange sisters who live in the woods, to an encounter with an ageless horror with an insatiable hunger, to the horrible truth behind a brother’s sudden disappearance, to the awkward realization of a haunted body part and so much more – these are stories that are born of the darkness and live on the borderlands of fear, these are Red Dreams.
Here are fifteen tales that will remind you why you fear the darkness and the night. Here are the children of broken hearts and shattered hopes. Here are the Red Dreams, where nothing is ever quite as it seems.
The door is open, the lights are low, close your eyes and come in.
Come and see.

Along with his writing, Chris is an artist, photographer, blogger, movie reviewer, and arts activist in the Flint area. He has also recently launched, a dedicated site for his book The Meep Sheep.

Red Dreams will be available via Create Space and and will be $10.

Red Dreams
Also available on

For more information on The Meep Sheep check


  1. That sounds neat! The markets need more short stories since they’ve decreased in production some (at least at the big publisher’s level). That’s the great thing about self publishing is that you can more easily produce and publish what may not be as in demand in the traditional publishing industry. That’s why I’m going the self publishing route with my stories! The one thing that a person has to do in this route is promote to the right audience which looks like this author has been doing with all the credits that he has.


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