Trilogy of Blood: Deadneks (2010)

Horror Addicts, friends at Ruckus Productions have given us an opportunity to share with you all their latest film, Trilogy of Blood: Deadneks.  We are fortunate to get this viewing of the film, as the film has been picked to be part of the Underground Horror Fest II taking place in March of 2011.  The DVD cover pretty much tells you what is to come, as it states five simple words that are perfect to explain the film.  Psychotic Hillbillies Crazed for Carnage.  The film stars the band The Deadneks who also serve as the musical act for the film.  Also along for the ride is the daughter of Rock and Roll Legend David Lee Roth, one Brenna Lee Roth.

This is a short film with a running time of just over 25 minutes and according to the DVD jacket was made on a tight shoe string budget of an estimated 62 dollars.  The crew at Ruckus Productions made good use of that budget and provide viewers with a short film that could have been done in the early Grindhouse era of films.

The film tells us a quick and simple story about the perils of three city girls who take the time to pick up a hitchhiker on a back road.  Not long after giving the man a ride the girls accept an invitation to a local party, and after that, well the girls find out they made a mistake.   The girls each meet their own unique fate and in the end, the film does meet many of the qualities of horror films of this genre.

The film would meet with an R rating if put out in theaters and is something you may not want your kiddos to watch.  Ruckus Productions does a great job in fitting in all the horror elements normally found in a full length feature of the Grindhouse Genre in this short film.  Viewers will find some humor, nudity, sex, and of course plenty of blood.  One example of the humor found is when a male character goes running after a woman with his only clothing being a sock, and well it’s not on his feet.  Ruckus shot this film in Virginia and helped to show us all what can be done on a limited budget and an imagination.

Take a look at the trailer for the film posted below for your enjoyment.

Trilogy of Blood: Deadneks Official Trailer

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