Show Your Heart

Starwave Records & Darkest Labyrinth will contribute a part of income from label online shop to “SHOW YOUR HEART” foundation between March 13 to April  30. As the artist, as the label, our power may be small. But we want to help something for earthquake victims.

Label online shop:

Don’t forget about When The Earth Shook, our Horror Addicts disaster anthology. The Anthology will be available in print, as well as an e-book, and possibly in podcast form. All proceeds from the book will be going to charity.
The deadline for submissions is May 1st. For an example of what we’re looking for check out Horror Addicts episode 54: Classic. Which can be found at our website
Those of you interested in being apart of the Anthology or just wanting to know more information, you can find it here @  Horror Disaster Anthology.

Tell us what you’ve done to help out. Also if you know of any other disaster charities let us know!

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