Abney Park

For those of you not familiar with or new to the band fan base. You may not have known that Abney Park’s name comes from a cemetery in London. Or that they started out as a goth band and since then have become the steampunk band we know them as today. Their current members or shipmates include Captain Robert Brown, Daniel Cederman, Jody Ellen, Kristina Erickson, and Nathaniel Johnstone.

Recently, Abney Park began sales of their newest poster Abney Park In The Clouds (as seen on the right). Each poster is numbered and autographed by the band members. You can also purchase past posters (autographed or not) at their online store Abney Park Market. You most likely have heard that Abney Park also has a RPG based on their songs titled Airship Pirates. You can find out additional information here.

They also have a new Christmas album in the works. I’ll let Captain Robert give you all the details, “Years ago Kristina and I wrote a Christmas Album in about two weeks. It was kind of a joke, and it forever haunted us, because people loved it so much we could never get rid of it (even though it was not very good). As the years went by, fans continuously begged for more, but we never really had time to do it justice, since we were always working on new Abney Park albums. Well, this year we are making time! We’ve started recording, and arranging songs, and I have to say the result is coming out awesome. With any luck, we’ll have this done in time for Christmas this year!”

May 7th, Abney Park will perform main stage at Blackbeard’s Ball in Oakland, California. The ball will be held in The Oakland Metro Opera House from 8pm to 2 am. All ages are welcome and tickets start at $20 for Early Bird, $22 for Advanced and $25 At the Door. For more information and to purchase tickets head over to Brown Paper Tickets.

And Pirates be ready for Dragon Con 2011! Abney Park will be performing along side many other amazing artists.

For more information on Abney Park check out these sites:


3 thoughts on “Abney Park

  1. Even if you don’t like there kind of music you got to respect the amount of work that must go into there music and there stage show.


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