The topic of episode 60 of  Horror Addicts is the 1800’s and the featured author is  Steve Merrifield. Usually, for the show what I would do is look up books that have to with whatever topic the show is about. In order to change things up a little, Emerian had the idea of me reviewing the book Ivory by Steve Merrifield.

Ivory tells the tale of an artist and art teacher named Martin Roberts. Martin is having a midlife crisis, he doesn’t feel satisfied with his family and doesn’t feel inspired to paint anymore. Then one rainy night his life changes when he accidentally hits a teenage girl with his car. Even though the girl should have died in the horrific crash, she survives. She is no ordinary teenager, her skin and hair are pure white, her eyes are black as coal and she is mute. Martin sits with the girl until the paramedics come, then follows them to the hospital.

At the hospital the young woman gets her wounds treated and is picked up by a blind black man named Ebony. Martin finds out that the  girl is a prostitute named Ivory. After the accident Martin tries to go back to his bland life but can’t forget Ivory, so he returns to the scene of the car crash. Martin finds Ivory and a world of danger he never knew existed.  He also rediscovers his inspiration to paint along with an obsession with Ivory that he soon finds out has led other men to there deaths and may kill him as well.

If your like me you we’re probably reading the description of Ivory I just gave and thought it doesn’t sound that good. I could go further describing this book but that would ruin the surprises in the story. This book does not go where you think its going to go. The story builds throughout the book and halfway through becomes impossible to put down. While reading the first half of the book I found myself thinking this is a good book but I’m not sure I would consider it a horror novel. The second half of the book I thought was imaginative, terrifying and violent.

My favorite part of  the book is when we find out exactly who Ebony and Ivory are, where they live and more importantly what other things are in the house. I also liked how Martin sees that his obsession with Ivory is turning him into something he hates as well as destroying his family, but at the same time he can’t stay away from her. I don’t know if it’s how the author meant it, but I took it as a metaphor for drug addiction. I found myself not liking Martin but I could relate to the character and felt sorry for him. Like Martin, I looked at Ebony and Ivory as tragic figures who were given horrible circumstances. The difference being that Martin had a choice of what he became but Ivory and Ebony did not.

My only complaint about this book was that I wanted more. I would love to see a few more books about Ebony and Ivory. I would like to see a prequel that tells more about Ebony’s life and a sequel that focuses on Ivory after the events of this book. I can also think of a third book I would like to see but if I mention what it would be, it would give away some of the surprises you’ll find in Ivory.

If you think Ivory sounds like a good read you can find it for free online. Steve Merriefield just asks that you leave a review where you got the book. This book was so good I found myself feeling guilty not paying for it. I’ll definitely be wanting to read some of the other books that Steve Merrifield has available.


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