Guest Blogger Zombie Bunny on: We’re Alive

We’re Alive – A story of survival: Written and Produced by KC Wayland.

This zombie podcast is unlike any that I have heard before. It boosts a full cast of players with unique and colorful characters.  The first episode of this ongoing podcast starts the zombie out break on May 9, 2009, where in which you meet one of the main characters, Michael, voiced by Jim Gleason (who played in “The Onion Movie” and made an appearance on the TV show Big Love). Michael is at school when an apparent riot is hitting all of L.A. where men and women are attacking each other. He gets a call from another main character, Lieutenant Angel, and heads to the army base to meet up with this Unit. Only to discover that Sergeant Michael Cross, Lieutenant Angel Tunudo, and Specialist Saul Tink are all that is left of the Army in L.A. They come up with a plan for survival and do their best to implement it while trying to find other survivors and fortify their new home, which is an apartment building they call the Tower.

I do not want to go into too many more details for fear of spoiling what is to come of this totally awesome series. I gave this zombie podcast two maggot ridden thumbs up! I love the way you can just get lost with the story lines and suspense. This is easily achieved by the sometimes creepy music, sound effects and excellent performances by the cast. As established over the next few chapters, the characters find that writing journals and keeping personal records of each account as therapy to deal with what is going on, I find myself writing a journal along with them. Each character has their own unique perspective on what has happened and how they see what is happening around them.

If you plan on listening to this podcast, which I hope you will, they have a schedule on their website,, for release dates on new episodes as well as live readings for the cast in L.A.  They just had a live reading on April 14 and you can watch it on their forum if you have missed it.  I hope you will all enjoy the zombie mayhem as I have.

4 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Zombie Bunny on: We’re Alive

  1. This podcast sounds good makes me think of The Walking Dead but it sounds much better. Anyone hear of the pod novel Dead Hunt? It also has a full audio cast and is very good.


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