Press Release: Veronique Chevalier Update

Veronique Chevalier Update

* * * Veronique Announces Partnership with SJS Promotions * * *
Ms. Susan Soares, Founder of SJS, shall now be conscientiously bombarding vous with all news Veroniquey. We are most honoured to welcome her & look forward to a lovely working relationship, as we pick up greater eSteam!

* * * PDX Gear Con & Back to The Pacific NW! * * *
Excitement is at hand, as well as a-foot! The event producer of Portland’s first-ever Steampunk Festival – PDX Gear Con, July 23rd-25th, (who happens also to be the producer of the acclaimed Rose City Steampunk Film Festival), had the excellent taste to include La Moi as one of his first invited Honoured Guest Perv-ormers! Also appearing are Erica UnWoman Mulkey, Vernian Process, Wanderlust Circus & Vagabond Opera, among many others!

Visit the Official PDX Gear Con Website for further info:

Well, that’s enough excess “braggage” for this round. Please feel free to send moi an Aetheric Telegram with any questions/comments/kudos! (Complaints shall be duly ignored- forewarned is four-armed. 😉

With great affectation, er, affection & eSTEAM,

MADemoiselle Veronique
The Original Mad Sonictist

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