Free Fiction Friday: Darkness On The Ice

This week’s homeless book in search of a home is Darkness On The Ice by Lois Tilton. Which, would have fit nicely with our 1940’s episode that just aired. This book takes place during World War 2. The Nazis are looking for a way to defeat the allies and believe that weather may be the key. They need to know exactly when bad weather will come so they can use it to their advantage.

They set up a plan to take over a weather station in Greenland but need someone there who can stand the cold and protect the weather station 24/7. The only person who can live at the station is an SS officer by the name of Wolff who happens to be a vampire. The only problem is that there is nothing for Wolff to feed on, so he starts to feed on his fellow German soldiers who fly in to work at the station.

Lois Tilton has written three other books besides this one, Vampire Winter, Written in Venom and Darkspawn. She writes mainly Science Fiction and Horror and has won a Nebula award and a Sideways Award for Alternate History. She is currently a short fiction reviewer for

Darkness On Ice was released in 1993 and is currently out of print. So this book is really hard to find, if you want this book just leave a comment on the blog on why you think you would be the right owner. Some of the reviews I’ve read for this book call it well researched, suspenseful, psychologically tense and just plain great horror. You should find out for yourself though, just leave a comment and you can be the proud owner of Darkness On Ice.

2 thoughts on “Free Fiction Friday: Darkness On The Ice

  1. This novel sounds like it has a really great plot! It takes place in an arctic isolated region, and a vampire stalks the Nazi base; therefore the Nazis are in compacted danger. I definitely don’t sympathise with Naziism, but this looks like it would be a really intense novel nevertheless and would want to keep me reading! It sounds like an indie book, which, planning on self- publishing my own work, I wouldn’t mind owning a copy.


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