Hug A Goth Day

Hey Horror Addicts, Wednesday, August 24th is Hug A Goth Day. So if you know a goth or see a goth walking down the street, make sure that you give them a hug.  Hug a Goth Day is meant to pay homage to Sophie Lancaster who was brutally killed after being attacked by strangers for being goth in the United Kingdom.

On August 11th 2007, Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend Rob Maltby we’re walking home when they we’re brutally attacked by thugs just because they we’re different. Rob tried to stop the attackers but they overpowered him. Sophie cradled her boyfriend’s head and begged their attackers to stop, but instead of stopping they kicked her until she was unconscious.

Both Rob and Sophie we’re beaten into comas. Two weeks later, Rob came out of his coma but Sophie did not. Sadly Sophie died on August 27th when her family decided to take her off of life support. The teenagers who participated in the attack bragged to some other teenagers saying that they did “something good.” There we’re also other kids who witnessed the attack.

Thanks to the witnesses, two of the attackers we’re sentenced to life imprisonment and three others were sentenced to prison terms for the attack.  A police detective said that the attack was one of the most violent murders that he had ever come across and the attackers did not feel the least bit guilty and joked with their parents about what they had done.

Though Sophie Lancaster’s life ended in a very tragic way, she will never be forgotten. Her boyfriend Robert Maltby put on a display of his art that was inspired by Sophie to honor her memory. Also on October 6th 2007, a concert was held in Sophie’s honor featuring 10 bands. Also a fund was set up in her honor called: S.O.P.H.I.E.(Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere).

So in honor of Sophie Lancaster hug a goth on August 24th and think of all the people who have been discriminated against just because they were different.

For More information on Sophie Lancaster and Hug A Goth Day, check these websites out:

4 thoughts on “Hug A Goth Day

  1. Well done David for highlighting this. This sickening crime is one that I, and others I know, still feel deeply saddened and angry about.

    You can tell just from that photo of Sophie that she is worth a thousand, nay a million, of the type of scum who killed her.

    It’s fitting that she is remembered by such a positive and happy event.


  2. Thanks Ed:

    You know I can watch the goriest movie and not be phased by it, but seeing this picture of Sophie really disturbs me. Here you have this sweet, innocent looking teenage girl and knowing that she had to suffer a horrible death for the simple fact that she was expressing her individuality really horrifies me. This is real horror to me. :


  3. I feel the same way, David. Often those who have a firm grasp of fictional horror process real life horrors in a way that makes it even more disturbing. It’s understanding the nature of the beast, I suppose.

    I’m not in any way saying that we are anymore appalled than non-horror fans at these horrible events – just that such sensitivities are something I’ve noticed in a lot of people in the horror world.


  4. I am so sad when I look at her pictures. She always seems like such a “Happy Goth” – something I’m known for – and I wonder how it would be to be on the side of the attack. Why would they ever do that to someone so innocent and with a beautiful spirit? Monsters! There has to be a special Hell for them.


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