Unreleased Poster For “INBRED” – World Premier at Frightfest 2011.

The World Premier of British horror director ALEX CHANDON’s new movie INBRED will be taking place at the famous London Empire Theatre during this months Frightfest 2011. The screening is taking place at 18:30 on August 29th 2011, and has so far sold more seats than any other film.

Ahead of this, Alex has sent us an as-yet unreleased poster for HORROR ADDICTS to see before anyone else. Enjoy!

HORROR ADDICTS will be attending the Premier, and will let you know if INBRED is as good as it looks!

3 thoughts on “Unreleased Poster For “INBRED” – World Premier at Frightfest 2011.

  1. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about all the movies when you come out the other side, Ed. I’m sure a few days of sobering will be needed. Do you ever get visual overload from this?


  2. Yes, and you’d be surprised how physically demanding sitting down for 5 days is! Each day starts around 10am and finishes around 1:30 the next morning.

    If anyone wants me between 25th and 29th August I’ll either being in seat M20 in the Empire, Leicester Square or here:


    in the Crobar.

    Wish me luck!


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