Free Fiction Friday: The Vampire Odyssey

This weeks Free Fiction Friday book is The Vampire Odyssey by Scott Ciencin. This book was originally released in 1992 and was the first in a trilogy. Danielle Walthers was born as a half vampire, when she moves to Beverly Hills she finds that she can no longer contain her blood lust. So she prowls the streets of Los Angeles in search of blood.

I couldn’t find a lot on the plot of this book but I did find a little information on the author. Scott Ciencin worked in television production and started writing in the late 1980’s. He has written many books for children and young adults. He has written four Godzilla novels, along with books based on Dinotopia, Dungeons and Dragons, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Transformers and many more.

Some of the reviews I’ve read for The Vampire Odyssey called it a gem among a sea of vampire novels and action packed with vampires who are delightfully evil. If you would like to satisfy your lust for vampires and bring this novel home, leave a comment on the blog on why you would be a good owner for this book. This is open to US residents only, Good Luck.

7 thoughts on “Free Fiction Friday: The Vampire Odyssey

  1. Looks like I’m a month late for this! Well, I’ll comment on it anyway. Fantastic book. I read the trilogy in the mid 90’s and while all were good this first book was my favorite. I was searching for this book online when I ran across your blog. My son is 12 and is starting to read actual horror books ( not too gruesome) and I was going to turn him on to this one and the Watchers by Koontz. The Vampire Odyssey is a tough one to find.

    Cool site by the way. I’m sure to visit again just for fun!


  2. Just stumbled on this site while searching for a good pic to add to Pinterest.
    I too have read the whole series and LOVED them. I should have all three packed away somewhere, in the midst of all the vampire books out today I am REALLY feeling the need to pull them out and re-read 🙂 The whole series REALLY top notch from start to finish!


  3. I read this book when I was 10… lol… not exactly a kid book, but I’ve never been ordinary, I suppose… I think I’ve always been a little eccentric… It was given to me, by my gay uncles sister in law, who was a satanist… One of the best gifts I had ever received… 🙂


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