Monster Mash with Droid Sector Decay

Droid Sector Decay is an Experimental Electronic/Industrial Metal band from Rhodes, Greece fronted by Antonis Stavropoulos (aka Rythmdealer). He has recently been joined by Aubrey Ritchie as their lyricist and songwriter. The song they shared is “Everything Has Collapsed”, which Antonis told me “is a song I like a lot & it is also the first song I recorded for a compilation, so it is a special song for me.”

Antonis confided that the name of the band has no particular meaning, and that it was “a combination of words that I like.” I like this because there’s not some pretense at all with the name and neither is there in the music. This is not to say that there is a lack of meaning to their music. In fact he draws from many sources. “Today’s political situation, religion, true horror stories were some of the themes I was inspired from about the new DSD album…for example the song ‘The Cage’ was inspired by the Kidnapping of Colleen Stan – a true story.”

Droid Sector Decay has not played live until very recently, but fans have told Antonis that their songs are reminiscent of music from the 80’s, and I would tend to agree. His favorite bands are a reflection of this. “My favorite bands are Megadeth, Def Leppard, Front 242, Project Pitchfork, Dance Or Die, A Split Second, Velvet Acid Christ, Bolt Thrower, PIG…I’ve been influenced mostly by the 80’s industrial scene & the early 90’s. I like heavy metal (death-black-thrash-doom), hard rock, 80’s pop, neofolk, classical music & soundtracks.” Antonis also listens to podcasts, but added “I have listened only to Horror Addicts & the OontzCast Podcasts.”

His advice to new bands getting started is that “they should have patience and they should really love what they do…music is fun…don’t forget this!”

If you’d like to hear some more music by Droid Sector Decay, including their brand new album, There Is No Light Over Devil’s Land, you can find them on FacebookMySpace, and YouTube, and also follow them on Twitter. You can also check out their BandcampSoundCloudDiscogs, and Reverbnation pages.

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