Happy Halloween from all of us at HorrorAddicts.net!

We here at HorrorAddicts.net hope you have a spooky and fabulous Halloween!

Still looking for something to watch tonight? How about these lists from our staff:

Knightmist’s list:
The Shining
Fright Night (Original)
Silver Bullet
Trick r Treat
Paranormal Activity (1 or 2)
Friday the 13th
Nightmare on Elm Street
The Thing (original)
Salem’s Lot

Ed’s List:
First off I’d go for the obvious cliché  “Halloween” – just on in the background whilst getting ready, sorting food and drink etc. This will get the right Halloween mood going, although it’s been done to death on Halloween night so I wouldn’t sit down and watch it. This would be the Horror Addicts version of “getting ready to go out music” – even if you’re not paying attention to the film, the John Carpenter score will be ringing through your home.

After that I’d want to set really creepy tone, so I’d put “Suspiria” on – blu-ray preferably to get those amazing colours jumping out of the screen. It’s still early in the evening so the disturbing atmosphere will still be effective before people get too drunk to appreciate it. There’s still enough blood to keep the mood fun though!

Once the credits have rolled on Suspiria – crack open some more beers and throw Texas Chainsaw Massacre on. Who doesn’t love this classic? Leather Face and friends will really get the party started. Don’t forget to offer Trick Or Treaters some “head cheese” if they interrupt proceedings.

Time for some big chills and ultra violence now, so before people are too drunk to read subtitles, get “Inside” on. It’s French, so no matter what you’ve been drinking so far, get everyone on the red wine (warning – this could get even messier than the movie!). This film is so tense and brutal you have now raised the bar of Halloween movies to a new level. Don’t forget to laugh at your non-horror-addict friend who is crying in the kitchen at this point.

The time is now right for a horror icon: Freddy! The original Nightmare On Elm Street is the perfect Halloween party film. Ignore the guest who thinks it’s funny to tape your kitchen knives to his fingers and just revel in 80’s horror goodness. Cheer all the kills and quote the one-liners before Freddy says them. Bloody good fun!

The good thing about Halloween parties is that the inevitable stragglers (who are still going after everyone else has gone to home) will be die hard horror fans. Why not pour some shots and test their mettle against something really sick? Put on “A Serbian Film” and it will either be a late night screening to remember, or it will clear your home quicker than if a real life Michael Myers turned up!

David’s list:
Halloween (1978)
Dracula (1979)
House of Dark Shadows (1970)
Fright Night (1985)

Dan’s list:
It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Dracula marathon
The original Halloweentown Disney movie
with the kids
(the second was OK but not as cool as the original)

Emz’s list:
Night of the Comet
The Others
Beetlejuice (FUN!)
Vampire Journals
13 Ghosts
Ghost Ship



3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from all of us at HorrorAddicts.net!

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  2. Happy be-lated Halloween to Everybody!

    Although it’s a little late for Halloween, I suggest these either for consideration for next year or for anytime of the year since these are not necessarily Halloween themed: The Lost Boys and The Changeling (1980, one of the best, well written poltergeist stories ever!). If you want more suggestions, see my article at http://www.examiner.com/sci-fi-in-sacramento/the-best-13-horror-movies-on-tv-halloween-weekend. Although these were suggested for this past Halloween and were particularly for listings of movies on TV over the Halloween weekend, most of these you can rent and stream (and perhaps find at the last few rental stores left on the planet) and watch at anytime of the year.


  3. I read your article, good list and you have some movies in there that I haven’t seen. I avoided The Happening because so many people told me it was a horrible movie, I’ve also never watched Dementia 13(though I do like Coppola) or The Gorgon. I really liked Devil.


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