HorrorAddictsCon: The Wicked’s Introduction

For today’s guests we have the talented troop of women from our very own Wicked Women Writers group. The group was started by Michele Roger back in 2008 and (for me) was a welcomed distraction to the monotony that can be writing as a woman in a genre dominated by men. Our core group has stayed together and we’ve had other women of like-minds join us. For the most part, we use each other as a support group and I for one have long lasting friendships because of this group. I’d like to thank Michele for bringing us all together and the rest of the ladies for giving me feedback, moral support, and networking help when I’ve needed it.

Up next for The Wicked’s, is the up coming publication of our first anthology. The gals have all worked really hard on this one and I think it’s going to be awesome!  Today, get to know The Wicked’s and if you’re a woman horror writer (even just an aspiring one) come on over and join our Facebook group. It’s free to be a part of our group and we’d love to have you. Not only will you be eligible to compete in our annual Wicked Women Writers Challenge, but you’ll also build life long friendships.

Welcome to the HorrorAddicts.net Online Con. We hope you enjoy yourselves!

Emerian Rich
Wicked Woman Writer


Coming soon from HorrorAddicts.net

The Wicked’s

A Wicked Women Writer’s Anthology

Edited by Hollie Snider


Emerian Rich
Michele Roger
H. E. Roulo
Rhonda R. Carpenter
Kimberly Steele
Hollie Snider
Arlene Radasky
Laurel Anne Hill
Linda Ciletti
R. E. Chambliss
Jennifer Rahn
Jeri Unselt
Sapphire Neal
Marie Green

Target release:
Early 2012

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