HorrorAddictsCon: Masters of the Macabre 2

Heather and I had an awesome time listening and chatting about the entries these guys made in the first ever Masters of Macabre Contest! When I asked Heather if she enjoyed herself, she had this to say, “In a challenge based around phobias and masculine activities, the MMM writers brought stories breathtaking in their diversity and originality. What fun to judge and weigh the individual stories, beautiful like cut stones, against each other. And how impossible not to have a favorite! I’m thrilled with the selection the listeners made, but the collection should be enjoyed all together.”

If you happened to miss the Masters and their stories, now is your chance to catch them again! Even if the contest is over, you can listen and vote with friends in the privacy of your own home with the links below. Are you interested in being in the contest next time? Check out our contest page for updates here: https://horroraddicts.wordpress.com/writer-contests/

1. Chris Ringler
Agyrophobia – fear of crossing roads
Golf clubs

2. R. Michael Burns
Ailurophobia – fear of cats
Stereo or sound system

3. Jerry J. Davis
Technophobia – fear of tech

4. Rish Outfield
Entomophobia – fear of insects
Hang Glider

5. Colin Barnes
Necrophobia – fear of death & dead
Gallery opening
Hunting Knife

6. Tom Andry
Osmophobia – fear of smells
Outdoor Picnic

7. Shaunessy Ashdown
Spectrophobia – fear of mirrors and one’s own reflection
Bachelor Party

8. Don Pitsiladis
Astraphobia – lightning & storms
Sporting event
Riding Mower

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