HorrorAddictsCon: Michele Roger Evil Holidays 3

The Christmas Eve Monster

by Michele Roger

A short holiday story about a young girl who doesn’t want pink guitars or ballet lessons for Christmas.  Instead, she would rather have a monster to call her very own.  Here is what happens when Christmas wishes come true….

Having trouble with the clickable player? Here is the direct link:

Michele Roger is the author of “Dark Matter” and “The Conservatory”; both horror novels.  She also hosts her own podcast of short stories called “Something Wicked This Way Strums”.  When Michele isn’t writing, she is performing as a solo harpist as well as in the ensemble “Bellissima Musica”.  You can find both her writing and her music at www.micheleroger.com

One thought on “HorrorAddictsCon: Michele Roger Evil Holidays 3

  1. Good story, Dark Matter was the second pod novel that I ever listened to. I love Louella and De’Vok. I thought Dark Matter was a nice blens of Sci Fi, Horror and Fantasy.


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