Flint Horror Convention Parting Words

More than anything we want to thank everyone for their support, their interest, and their trust in us as we put the convention together. It was a really rough road to go but with everyone’s support we managed to pull everything together. The convention was truly a dream come true for all of us involved and we were honored to be able to work with all the filmmakers, artists, actors, and vendors.

For one day in Flint horror movies were king and we were able to show over ten hours of indie horror shorts and features, bring this region actors and filmmakers that had never been in this area, and were able to surprise Hal Delrich of THE EVIL DEAD with a Book of the Dead birthday cake and had the convention singing ‘happy birthday’ to him, something none of us will soon forget.

As for the future we are actively discussing what comes next.
We have a few things we are working on will announce them as soon as possible but for now all we can say is there is more to come.
Much more.


Chris Ringler

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