Deviling (2011)

“Sometimes Nightmares do come true, Love Ronald”, are the last words that Sharlene sees before she begins screaming and banging for her life. This is followed by a maniacal laugh from Ronald as the short film Deviling comes to an end.

Deviling was written and directed by Michael Sharpe and the film introduces us to two living, and one dead body.  How these tie together is something you will understand as you watch the film.

You see, Ronald (Robert Haulbrook) is a mortician who has finished his work on a deceased individual.  It’s possible he was feeling sadness from the work but we never do understand why he picks this time to call his ex-girlfriend. He calls with the pretense of wishing her a Happy Halloween. We then watch as Ronald tries to tell his ex, Sharlene (Jodi Essex), that he misses her.

As the short film continues we begin to question Ronald’s actions, and his sanity. During the film there are quotes from Edgar Allen Poe and Ambrose Bierce. These quotes may provide a bit of insight on what is happening within Ronald’s mind as he goes about his tasks.

Deviling is a short film but it has a look and feel that would fit in many major looking films.  There is a hue of almost black and white when we first observe Ronald. You could almost say that it was a sterile look to the room and his surroundings.  As we see Sharlene for the first time we are flashed to a brightness and look of life from her surroundings in contrast.

These type of simple setting changes and the look of Ronald does wonders for the short film.  The story moves on at an appropriate pace and keeps you interested in the story.  The portrayal of Ronald is done so well that you can easily believe the sudden changes in his emotions.  All factors mentioned are what makes Deviling a film worth seeing.

To view Deviling you can find the film here:

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