13 Questions with James Hutchings





Hello once again Horror Addicts, I know you are dying to find out some juicy details about this week’s featured author, James Hutchings. James, a HA first-timer, was very relaxed responding to my interview, “It (being interviewed) feels pretty normal and comfortable to me.”

Hutchings’ is what I would call a master of short stories. I was very interested to find James’ Two-Fisted Tweets, which is a collection of stories all shorter than 140 characters. According to James, “I was inspired by a website called nanoism, which runs stories of 140 characters or less. I haven’t tweeted any of them (I don’t use twitter), but a few people have told me that they’ve done so.”

Another one of James’ collection of short stories titled The New Death and Others. “It’s a collection of stories and poems, 63 pieces in all. It’s only a bit over 41,000 words in total, so most of them are quite short. Most of the stories are fantasy, but there’s some ‘general fiction’ in there as well. The style ranges from funny to very grim. [He is] much more influenced by older writers like Tolkien and Robert E Howard. In fact [he has] never read any of the Harry Potter, Twilight or Game of Thrones series, or most other popular modern fantasy authors.”

Like many other authors all around the world, currently all of Hutchings’ works are only available in e-book format. BUT that doesn’t mean James has not been thinking about publishing in print. James explained, “I went looking for print-on-demand publishers that had the option of recycled paper, but I couldn’t find any.”

So if any of our addicts know of a publishing company that fits Hutchings’ needs, please let us know!

Fans of James may have had the same question I did after visiting his website: http://www.apolitical.info/teleleli. “The name ‘Teleleli’ is inspired by ‘Tekeli-li’, which is a meaningless noise made by HP Lovecraft’s shoggoths (in turn taken from a story by Edgar Allan Poe).”

I was excited to find that Hutchings’ is “working on a Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing.” The hardest part about writing according to James is “finding the self-discipline to keep doing it, especially when it’s not your day job (as it isn’t for most writers, even for some who are published and quite well-known).” His views on self-discipline is something something I can personally agree with and I know many authors can as well.

Growing up, James was attracted to a dark British production called ‘The Woman in Black’. Which could explain his interest in the Horror genre today.

Hutchings’ is currently working on several projects, that fans can look forward to. “The main thing I’m working on right now is a poem set in the old West, called Confession of a Bounty Hunter. I’ve been encouraged to write a novel set in the fantasy city of Telelee (or Teleleli), which is the setting of a few of the stories in The New Death and others. I have a lot of background for this world, because I blog every day and most of it is setting detail. I also have a half-finished novel called All-American Detectives, which is a combination of a detective story and a story about superheroes, which I’ll probably come back to in the future.”

For more information on James Hutchings, check out some of these websites:

http://apolitical.info/teleleli/] http://apolitical.info/teleleli/
http://teleleli.blogspot.com] http://teleleli.blogspot.com


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