Monster Mash with SinDelle Morte of godMONSTER

Time for some déjà vu here in episode 76. For this turn around I interviewed the marvelous mistress of musical mayhem, SinDelle Morte of Scream Machine, about her side project godMONSTER. If her name sounds familiar, that’s because not only are we fans of Scream Machine (Best Band of Season Three!), but Sin was the music interviewer here before I failed upwards into the position. 🙂 In her honor, I shall bust out of my usual format and share the full question and answer interview as was her style during her tenure. Love ya, Sin!

DS: Who are the members of the band, and besides the instruments they play or how they sing, what do they bring to the band as a whole?

SM: Well, godMONSTER is my solo side project, so it’s just me. Scream Machine (my main project) is more aggressive and it really allows no outlet for a more ethereal or ambient type of sound. Maybe it would if I allowed it to, hahahaha. But I don’t. So I decided to make godMONSTER as like a counterbalance to that.

DS: Why did you choose to send “Gravedancer’s Nocturne” to Horror Addicts, and what does it mean to you?

SM: Gravedancer’s Nocturne is by far and away one of my favorites off of godMONSTER’s debut EP “The Dischordian Society.” I felt that it really embodied the horror sound, if by horror we mean creepy and maybe sometimes sexy in a dark and dirty way. It has a hypnotic quality that I really try to infuse all godMONSTER stuff with, as well. Horror should be spellbinding. And that particular track definitely is.

DS: Where is your band based out of? Did you grow up there, or what place do you consider your home town? Do you find that it influences your music?

SM: I live just outside Washington DC. Believe me when I tell you there are plenty of zombies walking around this place; just empty faces going to empty places. So yes, you could say it influences me, especially in wanting to create something beautiful in an ugly place. I grew up here from the age of 10 and before that I lived in the mountains of Pennsylvania. It was quite a culture shock to move here, among other things but in many ways I have retained my redneck roots. Hahahahaha.

DS: How do your fans react to your music?

SM: People seem to like it. Not just fans of Scream Machine but also people who have never heard of Scream Machine and that is always nice. A lot of people say that it is not what they expected from me and that suits me just fine. I like to bring people something they weren’t expecting. And if they like it, that’s even better.

DS: I love to hear the story behind band names. What’s the origin of “godMONSTER”?

SM: It’s about the duality and dichotomy of man, which is why “god” is in lowercase letters. Human see themselves as both: gods AND monsters. And they are both. I am a human and no more or less flawed than anyone else and considering the fact that this project was created as an opposing counterpoint to Scream Machine, it seemed to fit. 

DS: It may be hard to choose, but which of your songs or albums is your favorite?

SM: On the upcoming godMONSTER release Lucid State there is a song called Audrey that I made for my grandmother. I think that may be my favorite.

DS: Outside of the usual labels describing music, how do you describe your music?

SM: Usually as ambient or dark electro. To be honest, I’m not sure what other people would call it. I fail miserably at labeling or categorizing things. In the description for it, I will usually write: “Featuring sonic soundscapes, rich ambience and macabre subject matter, godMONSTER is best described as music for the darkness in us all. Music to raise the dead, godMONSTER is an auditory tapestry of bewitching sounds and fully-developed emotionally harmonious apogee.” Boy, that sounds pretentious, doesn’t it? Hahahahaha. 

DS: What was the inspiration for creating your latest project?

SM: On Lucid State I really want to create a tranquil vibe, sort of the electronic equivalent of a 10-track Pagan lullaby. There are lots of ethnic type sounds, like pan flutes and things like that. It’s almost my attempt to make meditation music but a little more emotionally-charged than that. I have an interest in “alternative” or earth religions and most of the godMONSTER tracks are about catching a feeling or an idea and holding onto it. So you see more of that on Lucid State.

DS: Who are your favorite bands, and who has influenced your music?

SM: To be honest, my favorite bands would not make much sense here. Hahahaha. It’s mostly metal and rock bands. In industrial and electronic, I like BILE, Suicide Commando, Grendel, Project Rotten, Diverje, Lord of Acid, Roughhausen, Lockjaw… all great guys and all good music. People often compare godMONSTER to electronic bands but I don’t really listen to that much electronic or industrial music at all, so I never know who they are talking about. Some might not believe that but it’s very true.

DS: What other styles of music do you like?

SM: Metal and rock are my first and true loves! Metallica, Slayer, Guns n Roses, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Exodus, Danzig, Maiden… I also like more contemporary stuff like Matchbox 20, Three Doors Down and things like that. Lots of punk. The Beatles, Queen, Elton John, Billy Joel. I like rap and r&b; Scream Machine covered a Snoop Dogg song. I even like country like Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, Martina McBride… there are a lot of types of music I listen to and it all influences me somehow. If you notice, there isn’t a whole lot of industrial in there. 🙂

DS: What type of music turns you off? Is there a style that you haven’t worked in that you would like to?

SM: There is really no entire genre of music that I don’t like but I don’t love the new style of rap that they do now. I’m more old school. I don’t like gabber that much and I don’t really dig powernoise or that kind of thing but I can usually find one project or artist in any genre that I can stand. And if I could make metal or rock music full time, I would do that. I would also like to do punk. I would like to make any type of music that I have no yet made. I love it all. 

DS: How long have you been writing, composing, or playing?

SM: I have been writing poetry for a long time. Since I was about 6 or so. I’ve been singing about as long. I started making music with Scream Machine in 2008. So since then. 

DS: How has producing your latest album been different than your previous work?

SM: When godMONSTER started, it had no real form or goal. It was just floating ideas put into audio. Now it has a more concrete structure and a defined goal. That makes a difference. And of course, it’s very different from Scream Machine. And it’s nice not having to work overly much with vocals. Hahahaha. 

DS: Do you listen to podcasts, and if so what kind and which ones?

SM: I sometimes listen to the HorrorAddicts podcasts because I love Emz!! I don’t faithfully listen to any though because there is always so much noise in my house that I can’t hear them anyway. If I have a few minutes here or there I will catch it though. And I will listen to some that are metal or rock-oriented. 

DS: When you aren’t working with the band, what do you like to do? Do you have any other creative outlets?

SM: I am always working on music! I have Scream Machine that I do with Cosmo, godMONSTER that I do by myself, then another one that is just an experimental noisemaking thing called Hardcore Glitch Mechanism. Most people probably don’t even know that one is me and Cosmo, so surprise! It is! I do a lot of collaborations with people; I did one recently with James [from the bands WHORE and DIVERJE], Scream Machine collaborated with Dave Sussman from BILE and I am currently working on a new side-project with Medavon [from the bands Lockjaw and Murder Love God] that we are announcing very soon. When I’m not doing that, I write and hang around with my family.

DS: What’s next for you and the band?

SM: Lucid State will be out sometime this year. Hopefully another music video or two, too. 

DS: What advice do you have to new bands?

SM: Don’t try to imitate anybody. Do you own thing, even if you don’t think it will be popular. We could use more originality around here. 

DS: Where can the listeners find your music? List all websites and local stores that you can think of.

SM: You can download godMONSTER albums on The debut EP and first full length EP are free. 🙂

To find out more about godMONSTER, you can also visit her Facebook page. Thank you Sin for a great chat!

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