Horror Addicts 076, Masters of Macabre Contest

Horror Addicts Episode# 076
Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich
Intro Music by: Cancer Killing Gemini
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The Wickeds
Mondo Schlocko
The Italian Zombie
Lilith’s Love
A Dozen Black Roses
Ray Bradbury
The Eyes of the Stars
Tiny Terrors

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Masters of the Macabre Contest

Horror Addicts Master of Macabre Contest, 2012
Hosted by Shaunessy Ashdown and Rachel von Hindman
1. Dan Shaurette – Curse of the Pharoahs
2. Rish Outfield – Curse of Macbeth (the “Scottish Play”)
3. Shawn Micallef – Curse of Otzi
4. Donald L. Pitsiladis – Voodoo Curse
5. Philip “Norvaljoe” Carrol – Curse of Winning the Lottery
Vote now! Send your vote to: horroraddicts@gmail.com

Masters of Macabre Contest – Stories audio

h o s t e s s
Emerian Rich
s t a f f
Knightmist, Sapphire Neal, David Watson, Ed Pope,
Dan Shaurette, Audrey Sabin, Marc Vale
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c o n t a c t / s h o w . n o t e s
m u s i c
t a p i n g . s t u d i o
Quills, A Place For Writers
13 Nightmare Lane, Awen, Second Life

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