Free Fiction Friday: Sips Of Blood

This weeks Free Fiction Friday selection is Sips of Blood by Mary Ann Mitchell. This book answers the question of what would happen if  The Marquis de Sade was a vampire and walked the earth during the present day. If your not familiar with Marquis de Sade he was a french philosopher who lived from 1740 to 1814. He was known for writing erotic stories depicting sexual fantasies with an emphasis on criminality and blasphemy against the catholic church.

According to the reviews I read Sips of Blood  is a disturbing book filled with lots of unconventional and graphic sex. There is also BDSM, gore and incestuous romance. I’ve read one book by Mary Ann Mitchell called Ambrosial Flesh. If this one is anything like that one, then the reviews I read are correct.

This book is the first in a series of 5 books by Mary Ann Mitchell staring Marquis De Sade  as a vampire.  If you would like your own copy of Sips Of Blood. Leave a comment on this blog post. The first comment gets the book.


4 thoughts on “Free Fiction Friday: Sips Of Blood

  1. My name is Kimberly Scienzo. I love vampire and werewolf books preferably with pictures. And I love movies also. I love Dark Shadows the 80s version and another good movie was the midnight hour with Peter delouise sharie belafontie levar burton. I watch the midnight hour scenes on Utube. I rented the midnight hour several times because I really loved the movie. This movie has vampires werewolves zombies everything a horror fan loves.


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