Wicked Little Things (2006)

Wicked Little Things was released in 2006 and was featured in the After Dark Horrorfest as a Film to Die For. Upon seeing this film there is many great reasons on why the film was listed in such a manner as it brings in not only questions but has something many horror films are often afraid to do. It has children as the creatures one must fear.

Wicked Little Things takes place in the old mining town in Pennsylvania. The movie shows the viewer horrible accidents in the early part of the twentieth century were children are being used in the mine as labor.  This may have been a common practice during that period but the fate that befalls these children is far from common.

We are then introduced to a family of women headed by the now widowed Karen Tunney (Lori Heuring). She is moving back to the town to take ownership of her late husband’s family home with her daughters Sarah (Scout Taylor-Compton) and Emma (Chloe Grace Moretz).  These women are unaware of what happened in the mine those so long ago, but they eventually will find out.

Karen moves into town and on her travels to her new home she meets some of the locals. They advise her to keep her family inside at night without giving much or a reason why. When she finally finds the old house you wonder if the house is safe as there are many things that are wrong with the now dilapidated home.

The interesting piece to Wicked Little Things is that writers Boaz Davidson and Ben Nedivi tell a great and spooky tale that focuses much of its story around children.  Being a precocious little girl the youngest daughter Emma ends up with an imaginary friend. As the movie progresses we are wondering if the friend is really imaginary and eventually you may find out.

Wicked Little Things does something few horror films can do and it uses a spooky setting along with children to tell a horrific story line. The ending is written in such a way that you’re actually left with enough closure you feel satisfied to what you have just seen.

Director J.S. Cardone did a masterful job in getting the best out of the many young actors he had to work with to complete the film. There are scenes in which severe violence is happening but its foreshadowed enough your mind gets to be involved and fill in what could be missing scenes.

Wicked Little Things is one of those movies that has flown under the radar of many horror film fans. The fact the film stars an up and coming actress in Chloe Grace Moretz may bring more of her fans to want to view the film.  Moretz does a great job in the movie and adds to the strength of a great cast. This is a film that horror fans should love not just for her work but also the spooky settings. The key thing here is that those Wicked Little Things mentioned in the title are indeed children and are capable of much more than you may think.

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