Dark Passages (short film)

Dark Passages is a short film that came out of the mind of Cesar Cruz and Outworld Entertainment. The film may have had a limited budget but there is enough action and drama in the film that it appears to have been made for much more.

Dark Passages starts with people awakening in a wooded area having no idea how they got there. After a period we find that they start to question each other blaming the other for the mess they have found themselves in. It’s only when a maniac woman runs up to them trying to get them to be quiet and get them to run.

What’s after her? What’s got her so scared? It’s simple a man with a GIANT Hammer. The man can swing the thing with little effort and if he hits you with the device, well they don’t want to be hit.

The problem as they run to avoid the man with the hammer they find others lost in the wood and instead of banding together they start to watch for each other. The group starts to turn on each other questioning what has brought them to this point. As they do the Hammer gets closer and closer to his prey.

Dark Passages is a short story with a unique plot. It involves the struggle of individuals trying not only to survive but what got them to this place. The story unwinds and as it does we get ideas of what was all involved in getting them trapped in the woods with this maniac.

The viewer is left to determine who they may root for and hope is able to escape the madness. You begin to follow along and as the reasons for their sudden treatment becomes clear you ask, is there someone to root for.  This is what makes Dark Passages so intriguing to watch.  It’s full of emotions and short twists in the plot that you forget it’s a short film and not a feature.

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