Free Fiction Friday: Blood Feud

Our Free Fiction Friday selection for this week is Blood Feud by Sam Siciliano. This book was originally released in 1993 and tells the tale of two ancient vampires that will not rest until the other is destroyed.

Blood Feud is set in Portland Oregon where two vampire’s final battle will take place. One vampire is a master of manipulation and he now thirsts for the death of the vampire woman he once loved. The  woman in question is dangerously seductive and uses her body to possess her victims and now she wants revenge on the vampire who cursed her with immortality. They have been driven through the centuries by the desire to bathe in the other’s undying blood and now the final battle is drawing near.

Some other books written by Sam Siciliano include: Darkness, Blood Farm and The Angel Of The Opera: Sherlock Holmes Meets The Phantom Of The Opera. To find out more about Sam Siciliano go to:

If you want this book leave a comment on this blog post. The first comment gets the book. This is for US residents only.

3 thoughts on “Free Fiction Friday: Blood Feud

  1. I want to give someone else a chance to get their hands on this, as I just snatched a nice book from you a few weeks ago, but I did want to drop in and just say i LOVE what you’re doing. This is one of my favorite blogs to follow. Full of awesome content. You have my utmost respect!


    • Awesome Matt! I’m glad you enjoy this. I love these Free Fiction Friday selections David is giving us! Who is going to get the book??? I see you out there!!! If you are reading this, you should post why you are the perfect parent for this poor lost paperback.


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