Horror Addicts 082, Laurence Simon 100 Word Story Showcase

Horror Addicts Episode# 082
Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich
Intro Music by: Cancer Killing Gemini
laurence simon 100 word stories | julianne snow | goddamned zombies

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#82 HorrorAddicts.net eStore
Laurence Simon – Godfather of 100 Word Stories
100 word stories contributors
Philip Carroll
Jay Hartlove
Laurel Anne Hill
Marc Vale
Chris Munroe
Ezra Barany
Dan Shaurette
Emerian Rich

h o s t e s s
Emerian Rich
s t a f f
Knightmist, Sapphire Neal, David Watson, Dan Shaurette, Audrey Sabin, Marc Vale
Want to be a part of the HA staff? Email horroraddicts@gmail.com
c o n t a c t / s h o w . n o t e s
m u s i c
t a p i n g . s t u d i o
Quills, A Place For Writers
13 Nightmare Lane, Awen, Second Life

2 thoughts on “Horror Addicts 082, Laurence Simon 100 Word Story Showcase

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