Press Release: Carlson sells new thriller novel to 47North


International bestselling author Jeff Carlson, best known for his Plague Year trilogy, sold apocalyptic thriller Interrupt to editor David Pomerico at 47North via the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

Terms were not released, although Maass, an agent with thirty years’ experience in New York, described the deal as “solid.”

imagesBased partly on the success of Carlson’s self-published sci fi thriller The Frozen Sky, 47North’s editorial team invited Carlson to pitch a new novel.

First a short story, which sold 40,000 copies electronically, The Frozen Sky is now a full-length novel that’s earned acclaim from genre greats such as Larry Niven, Allen Steele, and David Marusek.

“Jeff is incredibly talented as evidenced by his nanotech trilogy and the all-new Frozen Sky,” said Maass.  “Opportunities to work with writers with his imagination, craftsmanship, and drive are why I love agenting.”

Interrupt is slated for publication in July 2013.  47North will release print, ebook, and audiobook editions.

“They envision Interrupt as a big summer beach read,” said Maass.  “This novel is a wild ride.  It puts Carlson in the same league as blockbusters like James Rollins or Kim Stanley Robinson.  Like his Plague Year novels, Interrupt is a plausible, terrifying thriller.  He combines real-world biology and astrophysics with secret agents, military adventure, and an especially intriguing heroine.  Then he upends our everyday lives with one giant shock after another.  I love it.”

Russian rights to Interrupt have already sold to AST/Astrel via Cameron McClure of the Donald Maass Literary Agency.  Carlson’s previous novels appeared in several countries around the world including Spain, where Plague Year was a hardcover bestseller, and Germany, where the trilogy sold in best bid auction to Piper Verlag.

Readers can find advance news, free excerpts, videos, contests and more on the web sites of 47North at and Jeff Carlson at

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