Horror Christmas Tales – Staff Picks!

Hope all of you Addicts are surviving the holiday season.

Some of the staff here at HorrorAddicts.net have given us suggestions for horror holiday reading/listening!

Dan-  One of my favorite Christmas horror stories is from my man Jack Mangan, which made it’s way to Horror Addicts #52, called “Santa Thing”. What a great, creepy, and exciting twist! Click below to listen.

David- I liked Michele Roger’s Santa Claws which was on HorrorAddicts.net #13 and has recently been printed in a new anthology called Ain’t No Sanity Clause. You can buy it now on Kindle.

Emz- My favorite holiday horror story- and most won’t think this is horror – is a story I read when I was little called Christmas Every Day by William Dean Howells. A little kid wants Christmas every day… but it all goes horribly wrong as presents keep showing up and are so many in number they block the door to the house and cause all sorts of problems! It was written in 1892 and can be read here at project gutenberg http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/22519

Looking for more holiday horror? How about listening to the Wicked Women Writers Challenge show again? “The Secret Ingredient” by Rebecca Snow is a tale that will give you chills, even if you aren’t out shoveling snow.

Do you have a favorite Christmas horror tale? Please share in the comments.

And if you’re in the mood for some Christmas Quiz-y fun! Check out Mike Bennett’s fun Christmas Quiz on Youtube.

2 thoughts on “Horror Christmas Tales – Staff Picks!

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