Press Release: Nilaihah Records


Nilaihah Records is VERY excited to officially announce ALKEMIC GENERATOR from Italy as the newest band on our label! An amazingly talented trio that fuses classic EBM and darkwave music with a hint of rock, a dash of tribal and strong operatic female vocals. Close your eyes and imagine Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, The Gathering and Qntal all merged with danceable electronics!AG_oniric_geometry_100

So, their debut album The Orinic Geometry will be released in February/March 2013.



azoic_corruptionNilaihah Records is also excited to announce a new release from THE AZOIC entitled Corruption. This 12 track EP brings back the sound the fans have grown to know as THE AZOIC and also pushes their style even further into new territories. Kristy’s signature vocals mixed with catchy hooks and high energy electro comes to life in the new Corruption EP that includes over 64 minutes of music. Check out the songs here:

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