HorrorAddicts.net 086, Writers Workshop

HA tagHorror Addicts Episode# 086

Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich

Intro Music by: Cancer Killing Gemini


writers workshop | double eyelid | may

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Best Band Season 7 (right side of blog)



Black Magic



BayCon 2013



HorrorAddicts.net Movie/Chat Event

Hey Horror Addicts join us on Saturday April 13th at 9pm pacific time for a cheesey horror movie and a chat over at monsterchannel.tv


h o s t e s s

Emerian Rich

s t a f f

Sapphire Neal, David Watson, Dan Shaurette, Marc Vale, KBatz

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c o n t a c t / s h o w . n o t e s


m u s i c


t a p i n g . s t u d i o

Quills, A Place For Writers

13 Nightmare Lane, Awen, Second Life


One thought on “HorrorAddicts.net 086, Writers Workshop

  1. “May” is wonderful, especially with the underrated Anna Ferris as the mean girl. It’s not horror, but you want to laugh your ass off, watch “Smiley Face.”


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