Free Fiction Friday: Thirst

2813885This week’s Free Fiction Friday selection is Thirst by Pyotyr Kurtinski. Thirst is the story of a vampire named Van Diemen who was raised in the Old World, changed into one of the undead in the Balkans and is now on his way  to America to feed on new victims. He can change from a blood thirsty man to a vampire bat and nothing can stop him from killing.

I haven’t read this book but from what I hear the vampire named Van Diemen is writing an autobiography where he talks about fighting with the mob finding love and lots of killing. This book was released in 1995, it has great cover art and it looks like this is the only book this author has written.  This book could be a really fun read if you want to take a chance on it.

Be the first to comment on this blog post and you get the book. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Free Fiction Friday: Thirst

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