Best Band of Season 7

The votes have been tallied for Best Band from Season 7 and we are proud to announce that the winner is German rockers Devil-M and their song “Revenge of the Antichrist, Pt. 1”. I reached out to Max Meyer, the band’s frontman, to congratulate them and to find out what they have been up to since episode #74.

Devil-M logo

The full album for Revenge of the Antichrist is nearly done. “The new Website, new graphics (Poster, Flyer, Shirts, etc.), all tracks, all remixes, it’s all finished. It’s the mastering that isn’t finished, but that is a matter of time until we get the master CD. I really hope to release it in October, but December might be a more possible date.”

Max said that, “I guess the biggest thing was the tour with Grausame Töchter. We played a bunch of shows in Germany and got a chance to prove ourselves making a good show on stage. We also supported Centhron, Angelspit, Vlad in Tears and many more last year. It was a hell of a year, but a good one.”

I asked about any other gigs that they may have performed, and he told me something I’ve heard many times from local bands — that getting gigs and getting there are both challenging. As he put it, “We have to pay our album promotion by ourselves and can’t afford any big tours through the countries. Only one of us has a driving license and I just started to pay for mine. That’s one of the few cons for bands that publish their own music without a record label – you have to pay for every single thing. But the first shows are confirmed and we will focus on supporting more metal acts like Nachtblut, a cool german Death-Metal-Band.”

Since we chatted last, Max’s girlfriend is now part of the band on keys and lighting, joining himself, Julian, Jonathan and Lars. Max has quit all side projects due to scheduling conflicts, but Jonathan and Lars are still part of “Twist of Fate”.


Max has pondered what is next for the band. “Maybe a record label. I’m still not a big fan of it due to copyright -and publishing- requirements but if that’s the next step, we will do it.”

Finally, I asked if they had any words for their fans here amongst the Horror Addicts. He said, “It’s always a pleasure to be a part of Horror Addicts. There aren’t many blogs left since Facebook, that’s a pity. Oh, and Julian wants to let you know: Unicorns still smell tasty.”

Indeed they do. Thanks again to Max and everyone with Devil-M for sharing their music and spending time with us, and once again, congratulations and best of luck with Revenge of the Antichrist.

If you want to find out more about Devil-M, you can download every single track they have released on their website (at for free! You can also find them at JamendoMySpaceFacebook, and Reverbnation.

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