Free Fiction Friday: Blood Thirst

9a3246f199b3067b7f830cf356a34189df00b95fOur free book for this week is Blood Thirst by L.A. Freed. This is the story of Angela Trenton who was attacked by a vampire and changed into one of the undead. She was abandoned by her maker but then another vampire named Elijah found her and becomes her mentor. She learns how to hunt and control her thirst for blood but she wants to know who turned her, so she can have her revenge. She finds out from Elijah that her maker is a vampire named Mathew who is very old and dangerous and he may not be what he seems.

Blood Thirst was originally released in 1989 and is the first book in The Charleston Vampire Chronicles. According to the reviews I looked at, this book is a gory fun read and breathtakingly fantastic. This was L.A. Freed’s first novel and it was followed by two sequels. The Cover that you see to the left is not the same cover for the book that we are giving away. We are giving away an original copy from when the book was first published that shows a vampire standing in a graveyard. i couldn’t find a good cover photo so I used this one from a later edition.

If you like horror novels from the 1980’s you should give this novel a try. One of the author’s influences was Anne Rice and this looks to be very similar to Anne’s writing. The first person who comments on this post gets the book. Good luck!!!

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