Monster Mash with Alkemic Generator

Episode 92 brings us music from Italian EBM trio Alkemic Generator and their dark, dance-inducing song, “Scream“. This song in particular puts me in the mind of Lacuna Coil, another Italian band as it happens. The other tracks from their new album, The Oniric Geometry, inspires similar comparison with their high energy electronic rock. I enjoyed the whole album, with “Illusion” being another standout favorite as it highlights the operatic voice of lead singer Sanja Aveic. It also has some quotes by Nikola Tesla. How can you not love that?


When I asked about their song, “Scream”, Sanja described it like this: “Have you ever found yourself in situations when you were in one place only because you had to be there, because your duty obliged your feet to stand at one place rather then another? Well, this song was created in a moment like that, when I felt too tight in my own skin, and when only thing I desired was to liberate my spirit free. This song was my escape from what I had to do, into the direction of what I wanted to.”

Alkemic Generator combines the talents of engineer Leo, lyricist and singer Sanja, and guitarist Kinki. They described their work together telling me that “Leo acts as an engineer; using his keyboard, and programming skills he outlines the structure based on the words written by Sanja. Then Kinki, with his guitar and programming ideas, adds the finesse to complete a look of this structure, and at the end, a female voice reunites all the components together, building up a stable assembly of oniric inspirations. Our music is a mirror of our deeper feelings, the part of our inner world which is very rich (not from material point of view) and curious. The music we do is a constant play of fantasy, creativity, and exploration, all placed in one, and wrapped in a resistant envelope which assures its strength.”


The Oniric Geometry is their first album, but they told me they have “already fired up the engine for production of the second one. We would like to keep our primary stamp, which can be found on our first album, but also consider the innovations which could make the new product even more (musically) valuable.”

For this talented trio, nothing is better then a live performance, but they are still finding their audience. “We love to play our music live, sharing our emotions and experience with people that are listening us. But, we confronted huge difficulties while organizing our eventual play here in Italy. Partially, this is because people prefer to listen to DJ sets rather than a live show. On the other side, Alkemic Generator is a novelty here, so we are about to show who we are, and what is the music that we are actually doing. We still have to build our reputation. Yet, we have played a bunch of shows in the last year, all in Italy, but we hope that our new CD will open more possibilities to play in those places where the public would like to hear us, wherever they might be in the world.”

Sanja then also added, “I must say that we are still breaking the barrier between us and public. I believe this is because we are bringing something a little bit different in EBM music. The arrangements have particularities which have to be discovered and listened with attention. At least I hope this is the reason why people that we have in front of us are so static, while we try to fill the place with energy during our performances. It seems like they still don’t trust us enough, and the only way we can earn their trust is to give our best on stage, which is the thing we are constantly doing, no matter if we play for 10 or 100 or 1000 people.”

Of course I had to ask, what’s the origin of “Alkemic Generator”? “Well, we expected this one. At the beginning, we were inspired to create a name with scientific connections. And why, you might ask!? It’s simple. When we are not Alkemic Generator, we are scientists. Well, most of us are. That’s why we selected the name NAG (which is a component of a bacterial wall) initially, but even if we liked it, the sound of that word was too simple. So, while we were trying to transform this simple NAG-word into something more complicated, we ended up with the acronym Noise Alkemic Generator. Within this name, we tried to combine some of the principles of our work occupations as researchers-biologists (Alchemist) and physician (Generator) together with the sound (Noise). Later on, our dear collaborators from Nilaihah Records revealed to us that NAG had a meaning, which was everything but appropriate, and so we have changed it, and since then we are officially Alkemic Generator.”

“Oniric” means “relating to dreams”, so with an album titled The Oniric Geometry, it is obvious that the band would find inspiration in dreams. “Our dreams lay behind all of what we do. We can say they are our general inspiration. But then, there are some more specific events or personalities which could trigger an idea inside of us. That is the case for the video for which we are writing a storyboard in the moment. This video clip is inspired by the novel The Wizard of Oz, by Baum, and we are very excited to finalize it.”

Kinki told me that his favorite song of theirs is “Voices Of Devotion” because “in this song we have mixed some ethereal moments with powerful beats.” Sanja added, “I feel extreme power when I sing ‘Illusion’, since it carries a story so strong and particular as the man that created it was.” This, I believe, is in reference to Nikola Tesla.

Of their favorite music and bands, Kinki said, “I love Feindflug, Combichrist, Freakangel, and many other EBM artists; but the most important artist from the electronic scene, in my opinion, is Wumpscut. I’m so proud that our remix of his song ‘Gabi Grausam’ was choosen by Wumpscut for the tracklist of DjDwarf 13.” Sanja added, “I am particularly devoted to the Rock music from 60-70’s. I must be honest and say that my vocal orientation was led preferentially by Tarja Turunen and Anneke (The Gathering). I also admire Vibeke’s way of interpretation. Thanks to them, the bands they sing in influenced my musical orientation in part. I must not forget Lacuna Coil, too. Considering EBM scene, I am impressed by the work of Diorama, and then there are also Diary of Dreams, and Assemblage 23.”

For Leo, music has always been a part of his life. “I started to play piano when I was 9. By the age of 15, I started to compose my first music, and by the time I played with my first band. Now I’m 40, but I still have the same desire to make the music come out from my brain.” For Sanja, playing music came later. “A courage to enter into music more seriously arrived quite late. I have already overcome my teens when I started with classical music, then arrived Rock, and finally, with Alkemic Generator, I reached a completion I have always dreamed of; at last I have started to write it as well.”


When the band isn’t together making music, they each enjoy some eclectic distractions. Leo said, “my job as a project manager is quite creative itself, every single day. It takes a lot of time and energy, making me very busy. But doing some sports in my free time is always appreciated.” Kinki said, “I always have my hands full of things to do. When I don’t hold my guitar, I have my hands busy with laboratory staffs, ‘playing’ with my microbes. Then, concerts are my hobbies; I like so much to hear my favourite bands on their live shows.” As for Sanja, she said, “when I am not writing, or reading, well, then I am around fixing the things in the house, or outside in the garden, planting. Another thing that I really like to do is biking, or simply walking for miles during a city touring. It’s important to be in the open air.”

They do also listen to podcasts and online radio. “We listen mostly to podcasts of Italian webradios which promote local music. Then, we are wandering, in search of EBM/Goth web stations, since there are not that many of them in Italy, but none is more frequent than another.”

What’s next for the band? “At the moment, we’re searching for a booking agency which can assure us live shows, and which can promote us in the best way. We are working for the first videoclip realization, and we have started the studio sessions for the second album. We believe our music deserves to be heard. Also, considering that we are a new band, we need feedback so we can meliorate what is not good enough.”

I normally ask band members if they have any advice, but they told me that since they are a new band, they are waiting for some advice. To them I say, please visit and read the other interviews and seek out the wisdom of those we’ve featured before. I have no doubt that this band has a bright future ahead of them.

Follow Alkemic Generator online at SoundCloud, ReverbNationFacebookMySpace, and Twitter.
Listen to their Bandcamp digital music downloads, as well as on StorenvyiTunes, and Amazon.

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