KBatz 5 (ish) Antarctica Essentials!

As the wicked summer heat begins to fade, Horror Addicts. net has opened the dead mail bag, and what should there be but a fan question for Kbatz!!

Lovely UK fan Alex asks what 5 box sets I would take with me were I stranded in Antarctica.  Wow, that’s a toughy. I hope my exile isn’t in the summer, sunshiny time! I need it dark and icy!

1. I’d have to cheat and agree with Alex’s email and say the complete Dark Shadows box set. Classic, campy, scary, 1200 episodes plus will fill a lot of chilly nights, too!
2. Purely on non-horror indulgence, I’d have to take me some Sharpe and Sean Bean or the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions.  🙂 Man love!
3. Tossing in some sci-fi as well, I got The Alien Quadrilogy blu ray set for my Christmas! We just finished the exhaustive features disc for all 4 films. Lordy, I’d have to pack some Fassbender and Prometheus, too.
4. More old school UK props, I have to say my favorite show ever is actually Blake’s 7. Learn it, live it, love it!
5. I’m a chick and I am so, so over packing, but I have to end my list with the ‘every Hammer Horror film ever’ box set.  Simply because I don’t really think such a collection exists in a pretty set, and it dang well should!
What are YOUR Top Stranded Arctic/Island Genre Essentials, Addicts? Tell Kbatz! Because, just my luck, I’ll get all nestled in ala The Thing and realize I forgot a major favorite!
And Thanks for asking Alex! 🙂


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