Psycho Trail – South Jersey’s Best Haunt!

Tonight, Dear Addicts, Kbatz is chatting with Frank and the gang from Psycho Trail, a haunted attraction right here in my own South Jersey backyard!

Good Evening!



You promise rare scares with zombie themes, demented clown escapades, and more surprises as part of the Psycho Trail.  How do you decide what themes and thoughts to include in the attraction?


We plan all year and start the year before on what themes and what we are going to change up or try something different.


How much planning goes into the production? How many actors, props, and effects do you use or go through in a season?


We have 30-40 actors. Many of the actors do more then one scare. We start building new sets and props usually in March as the weather breaks. We plan over a year for the Oct month. Once for this year is all set up usually end of Sept we start go thru ideas for the 2014 season etc.


 Do you rotate the themes and haunts each year or stick with the tried and true scares you know works in terrifying your attendees?


We do try to change things up each year. This year we changed more of the haunt then any other year.


Despite the medical warnings on your website, have you ever had patrons faint, get sick, or ill while going thru the Psycho Trail? Is that the reaction you desire or is there a line of bad taste you won’t cross?


We have many people that get sick, ill etc over the years. We know that it means we did our job but the safety of our guests are most important. We don’t want to go too far over the line.


Although the Psycho Trail is not for kids, you also do family friendly parallel safety events with fire trucks, trick or treating, and daytime activities for children. Why?


We try to do a little of every thing for younger kids and families that don’t want to do the haunt at night. We are strong in the community and want as many people around the area to enjoy the season and have fun with there families.


 Psycho Trails runs weekends in October. How did you get started in the haunting biz? Do you want to grow into a big year round spectacle or do you like to keep it Halloween and intimate?


I started doing a small home haunt when I was younger back in 1994, and got bigger and more of a event year after year. My home haunt attracted 1000’s and was a multi night event. I would like to do year round events not just Halloween in Oct. we have a lot of plans in the work for down the road and have already set things in motion for other projects.


Readers of the local newspaper have voted Psycho Trail the Best Haunted House in South Jersey 3 years running and you’ve been featured on The Travel Channel. Why do you think fans keep coming back? Why do you like to scare people?


We are a high intense low gore haunt. People in this area wait all year to check us out. Besides the haunt Psycho Trail does a lot with the community. We were a sponsor for the Medford fire works. We donate to numerous charities and benefits around the area, and so on.




Where can we find ticket information and Psycho Trail Treats online?


Tickets are only $5 this year for 3 separate attractions.


Thanks for taking some scary time out to chat with Horror!


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