Happy Thanksgiving from HorrorAddicts.net!

For those of you living in Thanksgiving land, we hope you have a great one! We present for your viewing pleasure a very memorable Horror Addict celebration… You gotta love Wednesday.

Kbatz: We like to watch a Godfather Marathon.

Emz: We tend to watch all Harry Potter movies in succession. It wasn’t long when it first started… now I’ve lost count! 7 movies now? 8?

So many of us spend this day overeating, fighting with family, and napping. What do you do?

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving from HorrorAddicts.net!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Emerian and the other Horror Addicts!

    What did/do I do for Thanksgiving? Pretty much what you said Emz: eat a lot, “fight” with family, including having an argument over noncomformity vs. comformity with a cousin by marriage last night. (I don’t think I have to say what side of the debate I was on. lol) And of course, give thanks. Yesterday my Thanksgiving culminated in the original 1967 “Doctor Doolittle” movie (which I hadn’t seen since a kid). It was all really groovy!


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