Horror-friendly Valentines Song Dedications

Are you addicts dreading the big heart day or are you welcoming it with open arms? Are you dreaming of that dark-clad beauty or are you currently in the arms of said goddess? Are you hoping for a quick fling or staying the hell away from all that lovey-dovey crap?

Well, here are some horror-friendly Valentines Songs to dedicate to your love, your ex, or that leather-clad hotty you happen to meet on the blessed day.

“This Love” by Pantera
Does your love hurt?

“So Close It Hurts” from the SUCK movie soundtrack
I almost killed you last night… Whoops!

“Love Song” by The Cure
Always a classic!

“Marry Me” by Emilie Autumn
A rather jaded and beautifully morbid look at marriage.

“Army of Love” by Kerli
For all you shiro goths, grab your army, and suit up!

“Love You To Death” by Type O Negative

“Let Me Rest In Peace” by Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Ever want your ex to just leave you the f- alone?

“Beneath a Moonless Sky” from Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera
For you dark musical buffs… Phantom (monster) love.

“Stay” by Shakespeare Sisters

“Temple of Love” by Sisters of Mercy

Here are some other suggestions from our staff:

Dan Shaurette:
“Haunted” by Coven XIII

“Something I can never have” by Nine Inch Nails

Mimielle Marek LeFauve
“Todokanai Ai to Shitteita no ni Osaekirezu ni Aishitsuzuketa”  by Gackt

H. E. Roulo
“Invisible” by Switchblade Symphony

“Lucky” by Bif Naked

Do you have a favorite love or anti-love song to share?

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