EVIL St. Patrick’s Day Watching?

So you’ve got your corned beef in the crock, your token green on, and you want to watch something scary?
Well here are some suggestions.

Rawhead Rex

Mimielle: The horror of something suddenly coming out of nowhere to invade our unsuspecting lives. That something like this could be around any corner, spring from the ground (or pop in from another dimension). The fact that horror, evil, the unknown may be hiding among us waiting to strike or be unleashed or summoned. The fact that all kinds of unseen things may be disguised all around us. This kind of movie evokes that feeling for me.

Leprechaun movies 1-6

(6? wow -who knew there were so many?)

Boy Eats Girl

Here are some others to check out if you are still craving Irish themed horror:

Dead Meat

Assault of Darkness

The Boogeyman 2010




The Inside


The Moth Diaries


The Sleep of Death


Wake Wood


Zombie Genocide

What’s your favorite Irish-themed movie?

2 thoughts on “EVIL St. Patrick’s Day Watching?

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