Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: Endless Sunder

Sounds of Seattle CD Review-Endless Sunder “Descent”
by Dawn Wood 


The EBM and Industrial Scene has powerfully re-emerged over the past few years and shown itself to be worthy of grabbing attention on an international level.  There are some REALLY good bands that deserve attention.  Case in point: Westin Halvorson.  Westin has diligently worked to get electronic/industrial bands into the spotlight of the Seattle live music scene. Westin is the guitarist of (now touring) My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult.  He also fronts his own band Desillusion and plays in Pixel Pussy, Anguisette and is the drummer for an amazing electro-industrial band called:  Endless Sunder.  Desillusion’s keyboardist and Producer, Asher Vast, is the main composer, vocalist and Producer behind Endless Sunder.  Asher is also a great collaborator in the Seattle music scene.  On guitar, is the talented Corey Wittenborn (also in Murder Weapons) and on keyboards/ synths is Kevin Preston (also from The Crying Spell, Monicom and 64K.)

coreyasherwesEndless Sunder originated in 2007 in Olympia, Washington as an Electro-Industrial Rock project stemming from influences like Frontline Assembly, VNV Nation, Nine Inch Nails and 16 Volt.  One of the many things I love about this band is they take very seriously the entire presence of the band.  Although certainly not contrived, everything from their photos to videos to stage presence is intriguing, mysterious and from a marketing perspective…..packaged with perfection.

Asher was kind enough to let me review Endless Sunder’s CD entitled “Descent”. There is also a video of “Mechanism” to accompany the CD.

kevinThe CD starts out with the song “Atonement”, which is a heavy, grinding, fierce, industrial rock song and a great way to start out this CD.  Next, is “Pendulum” which is reminiscent of Marilyn Manson….only is actually danceable AND rocking with a catchy recurring motif.  I especially like how Asher’s vocals seem to swirl around the listener. 3rd track is “Choking Game” which is another great grooving industrial rock tune with smashing guitars and noise!  4th track is “Pawn”.  This song has a driving groove, is dark and sensual.  The vocals are absolutely amazing on this song. Asher’s vocals are whispery and present band Westin’s back up vocals are nothing short of fierce.  The 5th track is “Mechanism” which is epically industrial-dance and yet…a hard-driving rock track.  The percussion is especially infectious in this song and also quite memorable are the motif and chorus.  This song has become quite the favorite in the local Seattle scene. 1westin The 6th track is “Estranged”.  “Estranged” is another epic song with wonderful complexities and beautiful keyboard lines.  I almost want to compare this song to Depeche Mode.  Yes, you read that correctly and yes, this is a huge compliment from me.  What an extraordinary song all around!  The 7th track is “Shell”, which is a solid, infectious, straight-ahead industrial rock song.  “Shell” boasts a rocking beat, guitars and roaring, tortured vocals.  The 8th track is “Entrophy”, which is a kaleidoscope of industrial goodness.  “Entrophy” would be a perfect soundtrack song.  The 9th track is “Siren”, for which I especially enjoyed the amazing guitar work.  The last track is “Introvert”.  What a beautiful final song.  Once again, a lovely keyboard motif, intense…yet whispery vocals and plenty of mystery and intrigue that draws the listener in.  This entire CD is well worth having in your collection and Endless Sunder is a “must see”, “must hear” band.


Asher and Kevin have a video and photography company in Seattle called “AVAST Productions”.  They put together a stellar video for The Birthday Massacre, as well as several Northwest bands.  Check them out at: http://www.avastproductions.com  and www.facebook.com/AvastProductions

You can check Endless Sunder out on their website: www.endlesssunder.com, as well as on:  Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, myspace, discogs.com, vampirefreaks.com and youtube.com.

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