Mimielle’s Monday a la Mode: Deconstructing Fashion

Hey Addicts! Mimielle here, welcome back to the new season!
I look forward to reporting for you, posting look books and mood boards as well as answering lifestyle, fashion and beauty questions from podcast listeners. I
Please DO send me your questions.
I’ll tackle as many as I can either in the podcast, here in the blog or both. I enjoy the research and I especially like helping people find their style or solve a beauty problem. In upcoming episodes, I’ll also be talking about fashion in the wider scope. Looking beyond the trends and into the meaning fashion and beauty hold in our lives.
I had a bad cough so I skipped my recorded segment in the first episode but I’m already laying down tracks within the framework for upcoming podcasts.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey to explore alternative fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
Stay Beautiful, Addicts!

MY MOOD BOARD FROM TODAY20140413-120857.jpg

Some fashion styles have no rules.
No rules to the point of trouble figuring out exactly what the look is.
Gothic Lolita is NOT one of them.
If you have read past even a single article on this style you will have encountered THE RULES.

– Wear a petticoat
– Have something on your head
– Always wear a blouse under a Jumperskirt
– Attend to your shoes, bag & accessories properly

And so it goes.
Break the rules and you’ll more likely be labelled Ita* than brilliant.

When I wear the Lolita style (officially) and use the #Lolita or #Gosurori tags online, I do follow the rules. I really enjoy making ‘proper’ Lolita coordinates.

But since I wear frilly things on a daily basis I don’t follow those rules every day! My “Lolita” clothes get worn in all kinds if ways; bare legs, bare shoulders, with rhinestones and opera gloves (often in the daytime).

What would Marie say?

Fashion is my hobby and one of my passions. Study fashion and you’ll get hints and glimpse into all sorts of secrets in peoples’ lives.
As an artist, my favorite subject to paint and adorn is myself.
If people did not break the existing fashion rules, if fashion did not change, evolve, mutate, steal and persevere then I would not be sitting here in a street length Neo-Rococo black chiffon dress sent from Japan wearing ridiculous shoes and a tiara on any old Sunday in April.
And that would be a shame.

*Ita is a slang shortening of Itai.
Meaning your Lolita coordinate is so bad it hurts my eyes to see it.
Cringe-inducing bad.
Equal in disdain-provoking sneers (behind a fan, of course) to a Goth whose blacks don’t match.
Worse than Scene…almost.

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