2014 Writer’s Workshop Winner: A.D. Vick

ha-tagCongratulations to our newest Writer’s Workshop winner, A.D. Vick. “I’m both thrilled and honored to be featured here. I’ve read some material written by other writers involved with Horror Addicts and I’ve found their material quite interesting. So, I’m also somewhat surprised as well as grateful that I’m being showcased here.”

Vick’s submission for the workshop was Night of the Harvestmen. I asked Vick to share a little background about his story with us. “The idea for the story came from my real-life experience. A couple of summers ago it was unusually hot and we were living under extreme drought conditions. As a result, I had to deal with a real infestation of harvestmen, which had apparently figured out how to get into my bathroom where conditions were moister and at times, wetter. They came in by the dozens; and while my story exaggerates their numbers, there were enough of them to really freak me out.”

As always, I was curious to know how A.D. became a fan of Horror Addicts and to see what drew him to the horror genre. Luckily, Vick was more than happy to share a story or two. “I guess I’ve been a HA fan for a year or two. My first connection to it came as a result of my friendship with Mimielle Marek LeFauve, who used to host tea parties locally once a month or so and is now involved with your productions. She spoke to me once or twice about an author friend living in San Francisco who had involvement with horror-story podcasts. Eventually, Mimielle introduced me to Emerian Rich, with whom I became Facebook friends. It wasn’t hard to learn about Horror Addicts after that.”

“I think it’s the interaction between ordinary people in the everyday world and the supernatural. I’ve had an interest in the supernatural for about as long as I can remember and have experienced a few brushes with it myself. I also enjoy the horror writer’s ability to describe occurrences in such detail that the reader feels that he or she is right there, sharing in the frightful occurrences. Horror films have great visuals as well as the ability to shock and frighten. You never know what might be lurking behind the next corner.”

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In addition to Vick’s love for horror stories (especially Gothic literature), he loves music. He is particularly a fan of “heavy metal, classical, dark wave and Celtic.” He also is interested in the care and preservation of a couple of historic cemeteries. I’m fascinated by history and really enjoy discussing and writing about the relationship between certain historic events and the ghost stories that have come about as a result of them, whether real or imagined.”

Currently, A.D. is working on a sequel to his story A Fall from Grace. “When I finish it, I’m going to add it to a collection I have more or less self-published online called, Tales of Dark Romance and Horror. Then, I’d like to move this collection to Kindle and publish it in book form as well. After that, I’ll get back to creating new material that I can submit to various horror venues.”

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One thought on “2014 Writer’s Workshop Winner: A.D. Vick

  1. I’d like to thank you all for choosing my story as this year’s Writer’s Workshop Winner. It was a pleasure listening to the podcast and hearing my story performed by voice actors. You did a very good job with it.


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